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ANCA Motion have designed and manufactured an innovative remote pendant for the modern day control system. The AMI5000 EtherCAT® Remote Pendant incorporates the latest EtherCAT® fieldbus technology, reducing the overall cable size and weight of the pendant to make it easier to manoeuvre and operate.

Machine integration is effortless and easy to connect in just a few simple steps. The durable plastic composite body is built to withstand high impact and tough industrial environments, making it perfect for demanding conditions and applications. 

Customers can customise all button graphics and functions for specialised applications. Custom branding, colours and labels can also be added to the Remote Pendant interface.

Featuring an 18pin circular connector, 24VDC input, 100Mbps and up to a 10m cable, the AMI5000 EtherCAT® Remote Pendant also comes with a dual channel hold-to-run button for increased safety. The 16 control buttons and MPG hand wheel allow easy operation with the extra safety feature of a dual channel emergency stop button at the top of the remote pendant.

Specially designed to connect to any machine, the AMI5000 EtherCAT® Remote Pendant comes with its own magnetic cradle that can easily be machine mounted for quick access and storage.

The AMI5000 EtherCAT® Remote Pendant provides users with a portable machine control interface that is compact, lightweight and durable.


  • Portable machine control interface
  • Compact, lightweight and durable design
  • Industry leading EtherCAT® fieldbus
  • Customisable button cover
  • Machine mounted magnetic cradle
  • Operating radius up to 10m



  • Customisable branding
  • Field upgradeable firmware
  • Reduced cable diameter


  • 100Mbps
  • EtherCAT® field bus
  • RUN and ERROR status LEDs


  • 18 pin circular connector
  • 24VDC input
  • 2m cable


  • MPG hand wheel
  • Feed rate control
  • 16 control buttons


  • Dual channel Emergency Stop
  • Dual channel Hold-To-Run


  • Composite plastic casing
  • Wear and drop resistant


  • Magnetic cradle
  • Machine mounted

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