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    Cdc 2017

    56th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control 2017


    IEEE Conference on Decision and Control 2017 is the premier scientific and engineering conference dedicated to the advancement of the theory and practice of systems and control and this year...

    Sps 17 1 Sps 17 2

    SPS IPC Drives 2017


    SPS IPC Drives 2017 was a huge success for ANCA Motion with a large number of international visitors visiting us to discuss our products and technology. This year we also...

    Mwcs 17 1 Mwcs 17 2

    Metalworking & CNC Machine Tool Show (MWCS) 2017


    For CIIF-MWCS 2017, we were in the same hall with most of the biggest OEMs of the world! Our customers and visitors to our stand could easily come and visit...

    News Article

    EMO 2017


    Exhibiting at EMO 2017 was a great opportunity to meet with old and new partners in the machine tool industry. Over the 6 day show we has a number of...

    Robot Loader

    Custom Designed And Built Industrial Robot Loader


    ANCA is known for being the market leader in pushing the boundaries. We develop new products and innovations that continue to raise the bar of what a CNC tool and cutter grinder can deliver...

    Anca Robotics White Paper Anca Robotics White Paper P2

    The Future of Robotics in CNC Grinding


    Recently ANCA CNC Machines released a white paper exploring the future of robotics in CNC grinding. Factories around the world are investing like never before on robotic assistance. For users of...

    To read the full whitepaper, download it below or visit ANCA CNC Machines.

    Rmit Home

    Driving Towards Our Future


    ANCA Motion, along with our sister company ANCA CNC Machines, are once again proud to announce that we are the platinum sponsor for the RMIT Electric Car team.  The Society...

    Low Res Openng Hero Tianjin Branch Opening 1 Tianjin Branch Opening 2 Tianjin Branch Opening 3 Tianjin Branch Opening 4 Tianjin Branch Opening 5 Tianjin Branch Opening 6 Tianjin Branch Opening 7

    ANCA Motion Opens new branch in Tianjin, China


    ANCA Motion held their grand opening and ribbon cutting ceremony on 08.08.17 for their new branch in Tianjin, China. Located at No. 102, Building F1, XEDA Emerging Industrial Park, Xiqing...

    Fx7 S Series Lin X Nds Cabinet

    Investing in the future


    Recently NDS Tooling Solutions (NDS ) in England were interviewed by the UK’s most trusted source for precision engineering information, MTDCNC.com. NDS are a leading cutting tool producer in the...

    The high speed and acceleration, standalone thermal stability and the ability to achieve IP69K protection make LinX® an ideal solution for machine tools, food processing and other automation industries. The...

    ANCA Motion’s user interfaces are designed and manufactured for modern-day control systems. The easy to use touch pad with state of the art technology, allows you to interact easily through...

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    Austech 2017


    ANCA Motion has been exhibiting at AMTIL's Austech exhibition for a number of years and was excited to bring our interactive display panels to this year's show. We exhibited with ANCA CNC...

    Mtd Mtd2

    ANCA’s LinX Cylindrical Linear Motor



    As well as being pleasing to the eye, highly polished flutes and gash surfaces improve chip evacuation and significantly improve tool performance and life. The smoother surface enables swarf (or...

    An Alicona infinite focus XL metrology machine in ANCA’s Grinding Centre of Excellence was used to verify the results to Nano metre accuracy finding that a surface finish roughness average...

    Cimt 2017 1 Cimt 2017 2

    CIMT 2017


    ANCA Motion co-exhibited with ANCA Machine Tools at CIMT (Chinese International Machine Tool) trade show in Beijing, China, held from the 17th to 22nd of April. CIMT is the leading machine tool trade show in China...

    Left to right: Alex Gu (Applications Engineer), Mark Meng (Applications Engineer, Sales), Paul Bocchi (General Manager), Ronnie Li (Project Manager) and Jackie Chen (China Sales manager) CIMT was a great...

    Carbitool Cutting Anca Machine Tools Carbitool Cutting Anca Machine Tools 1

    Achieving a Mirror Finish with CARB-I-TOOL Premier Cutting Tool Company


    CARB-I-TOOL is a premier Australian cutting tool that has been operating for over 40 years. Specialising in the production of engineering and woodworking tools for the Australian, Asian and European...

    CARB-I-TOOL sales manager Mark Hamilton commented, “I have received feedback from our customers advising me that tool life is increased and performance is better from tools ground on the MX...

    Lwop 2017

    LWOP 2017


    ANCA Motion exhibited at Laser World of Photonics China (LWOP) during 14th-16th, March. LWOP has been going for twelve years and is regarded as a highly technical exhibition. ANCA Motion showcased our LinX® linear...

    Timtos 2017

    TIMTOS 2017


    ANCA Motion recently exhibited for the first time at the Taipei International Machine Tool Show (TIMTOS), held in Taipei, Taiwan. TIMTOS is the biggest international exhibition in Taiwan and is held every two years...

    20170124 113501

    Introducing our AMD2000 Demonstration & Training Kit


    ANCA Motion has designed and developed a demonstration and training kit for our AMD2000 servo control. This portable, compact and lightweight case is being distributed to our global sales staff to...

    Tom Frier

    Designing a better future


    ANCA Motion was founded on innovation and technology in the 1970’s. These values are still the driving force behind the company’s investment in developing the next generation of engineers and...

    Img 3687

    SPS 2016


    Left to right: Heng Lou (Product Specialist), Michael Stephens (Global Engineering Manager), Paul Bocchi (General Manager) ANCA Motion recently exhibited for the second consecutive year at the annual SPS...

    Staff 2

    TMTS 2016


    ANCA Motion exhibited at TMTS 2016 in Taiwan from 23-27 November. We took our LinX® linear motor demonstration rig to the show as well as our interactive display panels which generated much...

    Modern Machine Shop Slide 7

    Trends and Technology at IMTS 2016


    Modern Machine Shop's article 'Trends and Technology at IMTS 2016' features ANCA Motion's LinX® linear motor technology on ANCA's on TX7 tool and cutter grinder...

    Unlike the better-known flatbed linear motors, the linear shaft motors in ANCA’s TX7 Linear tool and cutter grinder put the energized coil in a tube-shaped component that is “wrapped around”...

    Imts 2016

    ANCA Motion at Industrial Automation North America 2016


    Interview with InternationalMarketing Manager Mr Lucas Hale on IMTS 2016.

    Tool Profile Grinding Machine

    LinX® Linear Motor features in Grinding & Surface Finishing magazine


    The June 2016 edition of Grinding & Surface Finishing magazine published a great case study on Renishaw & our LinX® Linear Motor solution. Renishaw are using our LinX® Linear Motors...


    ANCA Motion exhibits at IMTS 2016


    The International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) rolled out the red carpet on the 12th September for the opening of the exhibition. ANCA motion was again thrilled to be exhibiting, with...

    Commander Package

    Full Run-Time Design With No Programming Skills Required


    ANCA Motion's Commander software gives you the power to build custom interfaces with rich visuals, filled with custom intelligence and functionality, with no programming skills required. Our Pinch Peel application includes our tool editor...

    For more information, please visit our Commander or Pinch Peel Application sections.

    Laser 1

    Cutting Edge Technology Delivering Efficiency & Precision


    ANCA Motion's laser cutting control builds on our Profile Cutting control with additional capabilities specifically for Laser cutting. The control system provides full support for gantry machines, beam length control, height following, focal axis and...

    Amd5X Range Right 5 Units

    Efficient, High Performance Motion Control


    The Ethercat® based AMD5x Series is a multi-axis servo system that delivers high efficiency and performance motion control for rotary and linear motors. The bussed system architecture significantly reduces the complexity of...

    Commander Package

    The Power of Commander


    ANCA Motion's Commander Software gives you the power to build custom interfaces with rich visuals, filled with custom intelligence and functionality, with no programming skills required. Commander bridges the gap between a developer centric IDE designer and...

    Pendant Cradle

    Agile Machine Control At Your Fingertips


    ANCA Motion have designed and manufactured an innovative remote pendant for the modern day control system. The AMI5000 EtherCAT® Remote Pendant incorporates the latest EtherCAT® fieldbus technology reducing the overall cable size and...



    机械加工行业需要工作效率较高,且能保证加工精度的段差磨床,国内在段差磨床上的技术正在迅猛发展。 1. 存在的问题 段差磨床是用于工件形成段差外径的磨削成型加工机器。目前,市场上常见的段差磨床工作头架部分只有一层导轨带动工作头架部分移动,移动行程相对较小。磨削较长工件时,工件前端没有压料装置,工件容易产生旋转与摆动,影响加工精度。而且,砂轮头为单砂轮工作,若需对工件粗磨和精磨,就必须换装不同的机床,或换装不同的砂轮完成。从而导致段差磨床工作效率和加工精度不高。 2. 技术难点 段差磨床设备主要用于磨削工件形成段差外径。最影响加工效果的在于三个方面: 1)设备的砂轮运行方式; 2)砂轮的数量; 3)工件头部组件的行程。 目前,段差磨床虽然发展迅速,但其关键技术发展缓慢,工件头部组件技术依然停留在只有一层导轨带动工作头架部分移动,导致工作头部组件移动行程相对较小。砂轮头组件技术依然停留在单砂轮工作,若需对工件粗磨和精磨就必须换装砂轮或更换机床来完成,从而导致工作效率和精度不高。 3. 解决方案 针对行业内存在的技术难题,广东豪特曼智能机器有限公司与东莞市高技能公共实训中心共同提出了解决方案——高精密段差磨床FX-OD-20CNC-III,技术特点如下:1)走心式磨床结构的加工方式,使得砂轮加工摆脱传统的外圆面磨削量小、效率低的问题。以端面作为粗加工初始面,加工量大,加工效率高,针对小直径段差工件更具优势。2)精密线型导轨及精密滚珠丝杆持续不断地受到自动润滑系统的润滑,确保更长使用寿命,及能长期保持最佳精度。冷却和润滑系统皆与机体分开,消除振动并且有利散热。 3)采用定制的高度自动化磨削系统,配合国外进口的软件系统以及伺服马达,给机器的多功能性带来了质的飞跃。同时机器配备日本THK滚珠丝杠和线性导轨更好的与ANCA系统配合,让机器真正的实现了刀具行业的高精度快速段差研磨。 4)砂轮主轴选用高精密电主轴,主轴通过内部油冷却保持恒温,并加装可调速装置,砂轮最高线速度可达65m/S,针对不同直径工件,加工方便快捷,保证效率。5)通过鞍座和工作头滑板的设置,增加了工件磨削过程中工作头组件的行程,而且鞍座靠近砂轮组件一侧的压料装置与砂轮之间距离的可调性减小工件旋转时的摆动,提高了加工精度,加工结束,增大距离,留下足够的空间换取砂轮。 6)上下双层导轨可分别移动,对工作头组件的行程调节更加灵活。 7)砂轮组件采用双砂轮同时工作,分粗磨和精磨两个部分,根据工件的外形粗磨砂轮和精磨砂轮先后对工件进行磨削,使得粗磨和精磨加工时不需要更换砂轮,一次性对工件完成两种磨削程度的加工,提高精度和效率。 8)通过增加机械手组件,装夹工件和拆卸产品不用人工操作,全程自动化程度高。此项目开发成功,将打破传统研磨方式,对提升工件的段差外径研磨效率和研磨精度具有极大的促进作用。 4. 成果鉴定 高精密段差磨床顺利投入到国内市场如广东、浙江等地,经实际使用,公司的装备性能稳定,受到用户的欢迎,为用户创造了良好的经济效益并获得了用户好评。 2016年4月16日,广东省机械工程学会组织主持召开了由广东豪特曼智能机器有限公司和东莞市高技能公共实训中心联合完成的“高精密段差磨床研发与产业化”科技成果鉴定会。与会专家听取了项目的研制工作总结等报告,考察了现场,审查了提交的鉴定文件资料,经质询和充分讨论,鉴定委员会认为:该项成果总体技术居国内领先水平,同意通过科技成果鉴定。 鉴定委员会认为:具有自动化程度高,加工效率高,精度高的特点。为公司带来较大的经济效益,成果成绩显著。建议加强推广力度,满足市场需求。 更多信息请访问 Wechat

    Pinch Peel

    Pinch Peel Grinding


    ANCA Motion has recently released its latest Machine Tool application, Pinch Peel Grinding. ANCA Motion's pinch peel grinding combines our tool editor, grinding, teaching of the machine, machine configuration and manual machine movement and are...

    3 A

    Powerful, Stand Alone, Motion Control


    Powerful, Stand Alone, Motion Control The AMD2000 Series  are significantly smaller than previous generations, reducing the requirements for costly cabinet space whilst maintaining ANCA Motion’s state-of-the-art technology, suitable for both straightforward...


    ANCA Motion Goes Green


    ANCA Motion partnered with Sustainable Solar Services to install a solar system at our head office in Melbourne! It was important for us to find a reliable, sustainable and renewable...

    20160411 094159 Resized

    CCMT 2016


    The 9th China CNC Machine Tool (CCMT) Fair 2016 was held on 11-15 April 2016 at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC). ANCA Motion exhibited on booth N1-801 with...


    LinX® Linear Motor on display at MACH 2016


    MACH 2016 is a showcase for advances in the manufacturing industry brought to you by the Manufacturing Technologies Association (MTA), a UK based trade association that deals specifically with engineering based...

    20160316 150556

    Laser World of Photonics 2016


    ANCA Motion exhibited at the Laser World Of Photonics for the first time at the Shanghai new international expo centre in China. The exhibition ran from 15-17 March 2016 and our booth had many visitors...

    How A Tool Producer Keeps Its Edge2

    How A Tool Producer Keeps Its Edge


    10% cycle time reduction, 4 times better surface quality Myles Tool Company, Sanborn, NY, since 1977 has specialised in producing standard and special carbide cutting tools for the aerospace, automotive...

    Sps Lucas Interview

    SPS Drives 2015 - Interview with Lucas Hale, ANCA Motion


    ANCA Motion exhibited at SPS IPC Drives in Germany for the first time in November 2015. Lucas Hale, International Marketing Manager, addresses ANCA Motion’s plans for Europe, their top three competencies...

    Best Motion System Automation Inside Award2015 01

    LinX® Wins Best Motion System 2015


    ANCA Motion's LinX® Linear Motor has won "Best Motion System" in the 2015 Automation Inside Readers' Choice Awards with no down force and no cogging, the LinX® produces truly amazing machine performance with direct...


    How Inefficiency Impacts Business


    Even the smallest area of inefficiency can have a flow on effect throughout your business and negatively impact your bottom line. Machine backlash is an issue that CNC businesses need...

    Machines & Energy Efficiency Energy efficiency is the practice of reducing your company's energy usage whilst still being able to produce the same quantity and quality of product. When it...

    The LinX® Solution The new state of the art LinX® Linear Motor, designed by the engineers at ANCAMotion, is able to effectively assist businesses in increasing their efficiency. The...


    2015 IEEE Multi Conference on Systems & Control


    ANCA Motion has the LinX® Linear Motor on display at the 2015 IEEE Multi-Conference on System & Control (MSC). We will be here from September 21-23, at the Novotel Manly Pacific Hotel...


    LinX® - The Evolution of the Linear Motor


    When ANCA Motion launched the LinX® Linear Motor (International Patent Pending) late last year at IMTS Chicago, it revolutionised the cylindrical motor! ANCA Motion have put together a video to demonstrate...


    ANCA Motion's LinX® Linear Motor Offers Machine Manufacturers a Sharp Edge


    ANCA Machine Tools (hereafter referred to as AMT) celebrated its 40th anniversary of operation at year-end 2014. Founded by Pat Boland and Pat McCluskey 40 years ago in Melbourne, AMT...

    Lin X With Trademark

    Flexible Control Systems


    ANCA Motion design and manufacture flexible control systems and  specialise in high precision CNC machines. We tailor our hardware and software to an OEMs requirements, to provide our customers with...

    ANCA Motion are designers and manufacturers of flexible control systems and have specalised in high precision CNC machines, tailoring hardware and software for OEM’s requirements and providing custom solutions in...

    10 A3843

    ANCA Motion expands into Germany


    Thursday the 11th of June was the official opening of the new ANCA & ANCA Motion European Headquarters in Weinheim, Germany.  The day was attended by around 200 guests, which included...

    Big Eng

    New Branch - Weinheim, Germany


    As part of The ANCA Group, ANCA Motion is excited to be expanding into Weinheim, Germany. The Board, management and employees of ANCA invited members of the public to our Open House...

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