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ANCA Motion's pinch peel grinding works with our Commander Software to enable the tool editor, grinding, teaching of the machine, machine configuration and manual machine movement to operate cohesively.

Pinch Peel Grinding

ANCA Motion’s pinch peel grinding provides exceptional performance and optimal concentricity. Our sophisticated machine technology allow for quick part changeover and automatically switching between grinding faces to produce tools of both increasing and decreasing radii. The probe support provides quick set up for even the most intricate of specifications whilst still delivering high precision and accuracy.

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A collaboration of tool editor, grinding, manual machine movement, machine configuration and teaching of the machine provide the perfect application for grinding straight lines as well as arcs to produce cylindrical, conical and spherical tools.

End effector synchronisation allows multiple cutting edges to operate simultaneously on a single tool surface. This allows the machine to perform both roughing and finishing in a single pass, resulting in significant time savings. Our Commander software allows you to build custom interfaces with rich visuals, filled with custom intelligence and functionality, with no programming skills required. 

Tool Editor

An interactive tool editor allows you to select the size of your blank tool by dragging shapes into the editor and manipulate the individual segment dimensions to create your profile. Shapes included are cylinder, cone and arcs. The editor has the ability to generate increasing and decreasing radii. The generated tool path is based off a square shaped profile for the roughing and finishing wheel.


After all the configuration, teaching, creating your profile with the tool editor and the selection of the grind options, the system automatically generates a tool path suited for the specific tool. All part programs have been pre generated by ANCA Motion and the tool path for the tool profile is generated automatically based off the machine parameters.

Teaching of the Machine

You can easily teach the machine your required positions before operating. There is a layout dedicated to teaching wheel positions. Each position presents the operator with a new layout containing instructions, the relevant axes selection, feedback and any manual controls required to complete the teaching of the required position. When teaching, the machine will be put into jogging mode and the operator can use the MPG to jog the machine to the final position and complete the process. These teaching positions are automatically saved when the user leaves the main teaching layout.

Machine Configuration

There is also a layout dedicated to setting the configuration parameters of the grinding wheels and another layout used to set the configuration of the loader and its pallets. All parameters are automatically saved when exiting the configuration layout.

Manual Machine Movement

The Manual Control layout allows you to manually operate the machine.  The selection of individual axes and the ability to home and reset errors is also available on this layout.

Commander Software Simulation Of Pinch Peel Grinding

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