The Gamma series AC synchronous servomotors have a three-phase distributed stator windings and permanent magnets on the rotor.

The winding is designed for sinusoidal current and voltage. Models for use with 230V and 400V AC source voltage available.

High torque and high power is synonymous with the Gamma motor range and is achieved by improving escape of heat from the stator to the front flange and by optimized magnetic circuit.

The Gamma series can increase the ratio of torque to the dimensions of motor and expand usage of the motors to a wide array of applications.


  • High performance in demanding applications
  • High resolution encoder feedback
  • Fully enclosed frame with IP65 protection
  • Permanent Magnet AC servo motors
  • Optional integrated brake and temperature sensor



  • Torque: 0.5-80Nm
  • Speed: 2000 – 6000rpm
  • Power: 0.15-13.8KW
  • Flange size: 58-190mm


  • Swivel connector 
  • IP65 protection 
  • Class F insulation


  • Low cogging 
  • High precision position feedback
  • High quality rare earth permanent magnets


  • 400Vac/230Vac input 
  • Brake
  • Keyed shaft
  • Digital incremental encoder
  • Forced cooling

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