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How to Build Nanoelectronic Devices Atom by Atom


An illustration of the complexities of considering defects, vacancies, dopants and impurities within atomic structure. The image shows nine of a possible 7,140 configurations for an example of 36 central atoms with only three defects. (Image cour...

TMTS 2016


ANCA Motion exhibited at TMTS 2016 in Taiwan from 23-27 November. We took our LinX® linear motor demonstration rig to the show as well as our interactive display panels which generated much interest and showcased our advancements in products and appl...

ANCA: an Australian quiet achiever


ANCA Group, the global leader in tool and cutter grinders and the latest new member of the Australian Advanced Manufacturing Council, may just be the greatest industry success you’ve never heard of. “Not a lot of people know a lot about ANCA in Au...

Trends and Technology at IMTS 2016


Modern Machine Shop's article 'Trends and Technology at IMTS 2016' features ANCA Motion's LinX® linear motor technology on ANCA's on TX7 tool and cutter grinder....

ANCA Motion at Industrial Automation North America 2016


Interview with InternationalMarketing Manager Mr Lucas Hale on IMTS 2016....

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Laser World of Photonics (LWOP) 2018


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