Profile Cutting

ANCA Motion's Laser Cutting control builds on our Profile Cutting control with additional capabilities specifically designed for laser cutting.


ANCA Motion’s Laser Cutting control is specifically developed to deliver best in class process performance on a variety of machine configurations. The control system provides full support for gantry machines, beam length control, height following, focal axis, and material handling. The open and flexible CNC includes support for advanced corner modes, custom kinematics, sheet qualification, and special move types designed to reduce cycle time and improve cut quality. By combining ANCA Motion CNC technology with the OEM’s engineered Laser Cutting solution the end machine is optimised for the application.

Benefits of the ANCA Motion Solution:

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  • Built in support for gantry axis configurations
  • Several modes of height control are available including fully programmable Z positions and height sensors
  • Interface with laser systems including power ramping for improved corner cutting
  • Track the cutting profile in real time
  • Start a job from any point
  • Interrupt and restart the current job, restarting from any pierce point or simply the previous or next pierce point
  • Operator override of gas pressure or laser power
  • Sheet qualification cycle to find plate edges and alignment
  • Customisable soft PLC for control of auxiliary devices
  • Combined graphical user interface and CNC for improved productivity
  • Modern interface with easy to use Commander software on our  AMI5000 Touch Pad HMI
  • Complete platform operates on Microsoft® Windows providing flexibility and easy integration.
  • Network connectivity included on all CNC platforms allowing easy file transfer and remote diagnostics
  • Patented MPG allowing incremental motion along programmed path, either forwards or reverse
  • Motion control and planning for accurate high speed cutting
  • High speed traversing and positioning regardless of machine size
  • Fly cutting, including line and arc scanning
  • Pingpong movement for repositioning
  • Support for automatic focal adjustment 
  • Shape library, convenient  access to predefined shapes without requiring separate  CAD/CAM system
  • Easily translated in any language required for different customers
  • Able to meet your Industry 4.0 requirements

Supported Interfaces

Support for major fibre laser sources such as IPG laser, Trumpf as well as others on request .

Full support for major laser heads such as Precitec and Laser Mech.

Our flexible PLC integrates with: 

  • 3rd party pallet changes and sheet storage loader systems
  • Exhaust systems
  • Door interlocking and extraction handling
  • Automatic plate clamping systems
  • Gas control with optional automatic pressure regulation


Tech Table

The tech table is a database of cutting processes and parameters.

  • OEM can define cutting modes which allow sets of parameters to be used throughout a job (e.g. normal, small, large & marking
  • Parameters can be defined by machine builder and overridden by operators
  • Parameters can be set according to different materials and thickness
  • Import and export functionality

Laser Tech Table

Job Starting Position

Job start allows for a cut job to be started at one of the following points:

  • Current position
  • Previous starting position
  • Any position selected by the operator on the screen
  • Continue at last cut contour
  • Resume position after interruption

Laser Job Starting Position

Interruption of NC Process

The following functions are available if the NC-Program needs to be interrupted during cutting:

  • Manually moving back and forth on the contour (retrace)
  • Compensation for laser on/off delays
  • Retraction of Z axis 
  • Switch to manual mode to allow axes to move freely
  • Resume from last cutting position
  • Adjustment of Tech Table parameters

Repositioning Moves Between Contours

  • Selectable motion types between the contours (rapid, rectangle and pingpong)
  • Pingpong has an adjustable initial retractable height

Laser Repositioning Moved Between Contours


Piercing Types/Options:

  • Normal piercing - the values are defined in the tech table database
  • Stage piercing - piercing values can be changed in stages for thick materials
  • Approach piercing - gradually lowers the height during piercing
  • Pre-piercing - all piercing operations can be grouped together at the start of the job

Nozzle Cleaning Functions

If a brush is mounted on the machine a cleaning process can be triggered after a set number of cuts or manually by the operator

Consumables Time Tracking

Beam and gas on time can be monitored to allow tracking consumables.

Power Ramping

Automatically adjust laser power, delay and frequency based on cutting speed. When power ramping is enabled the machines power level is reduced as it decelerates into a corner and then increased as it accelerates out of the corner. This function results in a much better cut quality in areas of acceleration and deceleration

Power ramping is integrated into the Tech Table and the data can be saved according to different materials or thicknesses.

Laser Power Ramping

Sheet Qualification

  • Qualification of each corner
  • Qualification for each  edge
  • Trace sheet outline with or without height following
  • Utilises the height following function without needing additional hardware

Laser Cutting Demonstration


ANCA Motion’s laser cutting application offers advanced functions allowing a faster cutting process whilst maintaining precision.

Fly Cutting

Fly-Cutting allows cutting to be done with a scanning motion along straight and arc paths, significantly increasing machine productivity for thin material

Laser Fly Cutting

Pipe and Tube Cutting

ANCA Motion’s Axis Swap transformation feature  enables pipe or tube cutting and has two functions:

  • The path can be defined in Cartesian coordinates and axis swap will produce a path with one linear axis and one rotational axis
  • The needed feed rate for the rotational axis is automatically calculated by the CNC based on the radius of the part.

Laser Axis Transformation

Laser Power Control

  • The path can be defined in Cartesian coordinates and axis swap will produce a path with one linear axis and one rotational axis
  • A PWM output directly controlled by the CNC allows fine control of the laser power by setting either the duty or the frequency of the laser pulses
  • Combined with the synchronised output for laser control the highest precision and productivity can be achieved

Exact Position related Output Signal by Fast Output

  • The motion planner within the CNC ensures that laser beam is switched on and off at the exact position defined by the CAD/CAM system. This planning takes into account variables such as delay time and variations caused by velocity or acceleration.
  • To achieve these results ANCA Motion make use of technology based on IEEE 1588. EtherCAT® and a high speed FPGA built into each of our servo drives ensures the highest precision and performance can be maintained.

Laser Exact Position Related Output Signal By Fast Output

Laser Diagnostics

  • As ANCA Motion’s CNCs are pc-based systems, laser diagnostic tools can run directly on the CNC system so that the diagnostic is much more convenient.

Height Following

  • ANCA Motion’s height following feature is compatible with market leading sensors and laser heads. A number of functions within the control make use of this sensor data including height following which maintains a constant cutting height even if the sheet is not flat.
  • Tip touch processing ensures the active job is paused to allow any issues to be resolved.

Laser Height Following

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