Cylindrical Grinding

ANCA Motion’s cylindrical grinding solution is the complete package, providing extensive functionality and user friendly software, making it the most comprehensive on the market.

Cylindrical Grinding For Website

The application software, combined with advanced features of the CNC control, deliver a high-end solution for precision cylindrical grinding.

The modern user interface allows the operator to easily define and visualise the geometry segments as well as all process parameters. The relationship between geometry and process is elegantly captured within the easy to follow and flexible user interface.

The software includes a simulation mode allowing a visual review of the process prior to grinding. CNC features such as Live Offset and MPG Feed provide further support and guidance to the operator in setting up and running a cylindrical grinding job.

Benefits of the ANCA Motion Solution:

  • Simple and flexible graphical geometry editor simplifies part definition.
  • Process parameters are logically linked to geometry elements with the ability to re-order and disable specific operations as required.
  • Full support for part probing, gauging and wheel dressing.
  • Flexible wheel geometry specification combined with graphical representations.
  • 2D graphical simulation provides the ability to visualize the grinding process before physically moving any axes.
  • Live Offset allows the operator to dynamically apply and remove axis offsets whilst they MPG through the process to verify set-up. 
  • Unique MPG feed feature allows operators  to manually move along a programmed path. 
  • Loading operations supported by the use of separate logical machines, allowing grinder and loader to work independently.

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