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AMD2000 Starter Kit Includes

  • AMD2000 3A Drive (110-240VAC input)
  • 400W AC Permanent Magnet Motor
  • Shielded encoder and armature cables (2m)
  • Shielded Ethernet cable
  • MotionBench drive tuning and diagnostics software
  • Next day global dispatch

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or Configure Your Own

Select a standard ANCA Motion motor to pre-select suitable parameters, or configure your own
Setup gearing and encoder details. Feedback is displayed in real-time (blue fields)
Tune the velocity loop to match your load. This is the velocity response (red) to a chirp signal stimulus (green)
The velocity response to a step signal. Here, you can tune to rise time and overshoot amplitude
You can also tune in the frequency domain. This graph of a well tuned drive shows the velocity loop dropping off in amplidude and phase at about 100Hz
The circle plot lets you balance out the sine and cosine signals if you are using analog encoders* (*Not all drive models support analogue encoders)


Control Modes

Linear control Yes
Rotational control Yes
Position control (with cyclic position commands) Commands received via the Ethernet interface/EtherCAT protocol
Velocity control Commands received via the Ethernet interface/EtherCAT protocol
Current/Torque control Yes
Sinusoidal Induction Motor Control Yes


Thermal and over-current protection

Inverter heat-sink temperature limit 70° C
I versus T adjustable limiting Yes
Adjustable over-current trip Yes
Surge protection Yes (300 VAC)


Self-Protection features
Motor Overload Yes
Over-travel Limit exceeded Yes


DC bus voltage control

Bus voltage monitor Yes
Bus regeneration brake chopper Yes
Bus over/under voltage adjustable limits Yes


Advanced control functions

DC Bus compensation Yes
Cogging compensation No
Backlash compensation No
Probing No
Pre-defined Drive Controlled Moves (DCM) Yes – up to 64 move segments
Drive controlled Homing (DCH) Yes
Field Orientation Modes
  • DQ Alignment
  • Acceleration Observer
  • Hall Sensors
  • Fixed
EtherCAT Slave Mode Yes
EtherCAT Slave to Slave Communication Yes
Stand-alone Mode Yes
Field Firmware Updates Yes
Position Latch Yes
Secure Boot Loader Yes
Persistent Configuration Data Yes ( via EEPROM)
Continuous ADC Calibration Yes

  AMD2000 Series - Servo Drive Brochure


AMD2000 Series - Servo Drive User Manual

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