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Profile Cutting

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ANCA Motion's Laser Cutting control builds on our Profile Cutting control with additional capabilities specifically for Laser cutting.
The control system provides full support for gantry machines, beam length control, height following, focal axis, and material handling.
The open and flexible CNC includes support for advanced corner modes, custom kinematics, sheet qualification, and special move types designed to reduce cycle time and improve cut quality.

By combining ANCA Motion CNC technology with the OEM's engineered Laser Cutting solution the end machine is optimised for the application.

Benefits of the ANCA Motion Solution

  • Built in support for gantry axis configurations
  • Fly cutting
  • Scan cutting
  • Kerf compensation embedded in on-board path planning
  • Several modes of height control are available including fully programmable Z positions and height sensors
  • Interface with many laser systems including corner power control
  • Track the cutting profile in real time
  • Interrupt and restart the current job and restarting on point on display
  • Override controls for gas pressure and laser power
  • Support for multiple cutting heads
  • Edge finding and plate alignment cycles included
  • Customisable and easy to program soft PLC for control of auxiliary devices
  • The single HMI and CNC in one eliminates the time wasted transferring programs and enables the HMI to access real time information about the machine's performance
  • The intuitive user interface combined with the ease and simplicity of the included touch screen make for a pleasurable user experience
  • The entire platform runs on Microsoft Windows Embedded for even greater flexibility
  • A network connection is included on all systems for quick and easy file transfer and remote diagnostics
  • Patented MPG allowing incremental motion along programmed path, either forwards or reverse
Laser Cutting Demonstration

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