About Us

ANCA Motion control systems have been used in a variety of applications since 1974.  Our aim is to become recognized as one of the market leaders in the design and manufacture of customized control systems that are used in world class machines.  Our control systems are used on a number of applications ranging from complex 5 axes machine tools to 2 axes profile cutters and single axis stand alone applications.

ANCA FactoryANCA Motion has built a workforce of dedicated professionals from engineering to manufacturing. Their untiring efforts have built ANCA Motion’s leadership and success. Our team members have established a reputation for energy, uncompromising quality, willingness to take on challenges, engineering excellence and manufacturing experience that is respected around the world.

By keeping up with the latest technology, we enable our customers to become both technologically and cost competitive on a global scale.  This is achieved with a close partnership that begins from the development stage and continues on through the life of the product.  We are able to offer a range of solutions ranging from turnkey automation control packages to single items such as digital servo drives, motion controllers, soft PLCs, CNCs, IO modules, motors, cables and cabinets. 

Our unique software modules and patented technology allow our customers to configure these components into efficient and innovative solutions. We understand your need to have the service and support when and where you need it.

We have a global presence in more than forty countries around the world with ANCA Motion solutions in every major continent, spanning a wide variety of industries.

We are an ambitious global company with a track record of delivering world class solutions.

Our History
Early ANCA ControlsANCA began in 1974 and designed and built Australia’s first CNC. Over the next 12 years these controls were retrofitted to many machines and also sold to a number of OEM customers for control applications in many industries.

In 1986, ANCA exhibited its first 4 Axis Tool and Cutter Grinder at IMTS in Chicago. From this point forward ANCA’s primary focus was on designing and building world class Tool and Cutter Grinding machines.

In 2000, ANCA sold its 1000th CNC Tool and Cutter Grinding machine and in 2005 ANCA sold its 2000th CNC TCG machine.

In 2006, ANCA re-entered the OEM CNC Market
In 2008, ANCA Motion was created to focus  exclusively on OEM CNC applications

"The 40 years’ experience that ANCA have in producing drives and CNC's and working with the machine tool division enables ANCA Motion to provide a product which has lots of knowledge, experience and reliability." 
- Grant Anderson
Group CEO
This unique history provides ANCA Motion with a distinctive advantage as we are not only experts in CNC technology but are also proven leaders in machine building and design.

ANCA Motion is part of the ANCA group of companies